Prophetic words

A number of prophetic words have been given to the Christian Spectrum team over the years which have shaped our lives in various ways.  We take prophecy seriously in accordance with the scriptures (1 Thessalonians 5:16-21).  A number of words now appear to have relevance to this period in our service for the Lord and these are set out below:  

A word given by Martin Scott in 2002

(This word was given to Paul Taylor at a conference put together by a number of churches in the area)

The Lord spoke to me this morning and he said, these are the days of Amos and this place as well is to do with the prophet Amos, and the anointing that was on him.  So we're just going to release something here this morning.  Amos is one of the most key prophetic books.

Paul is a sign, but only a sign and the scale of what God is coming to land here - we're not talking about these few days, but the scale of what God is coming to land here, is absolutely enormous.  And Amos starts with 'I was among the shepherds' and that's why Paul is a sign.  So I'm going to declare that just as something is happening to Paul, Amos declared 'I'm no prophet and I'm not the son of a prophet, I'm just one who looks after the sycamore trees.'  But God said, 'Go prophesy!'

So I want to declare to you Paul, that just as you've been among the shepherds you'll be the first of many who were among the shepherds, but God's going to call out.  And you may say, I was this or I was that, but I was among the shepherds, but now God has called me out to prophesy and to declare and God says what is coming to this region, that this 'well' is about, is about restoring the anointing of the prophet Amos in the land.

And God says it's a pioneer anointing, a breaking open anointing, an anointing that comes from one place and goes to another to declare that it is to be there.  It's an anointing that prophesies even to the nations, but did not my prophet declare that for three sins and for four, judgement will begin to come, as the prophets begin to gather.  And I want to declare that there will be many gatherings of the prophets.

The 'well' here is not a 'well' for Romford, it's not a 'well' for Havering, it is not even a 'well' simply for this nation, for this 'well' will open up and it is then going to begin to release many other 'wells' like it across the nations of Europe.  God says: 'There is going to be a joining of prophets across Europe like has never been seen.  Even in these days I am going to release this and these things are going to come into place very quickly.'

I want to declare to you Paul, as I've said before, this is the push God is calling you to press forward for, and God says he is going to release you from many other responsibilities that have been upon you, and he is going to release to you resources that you've never dreamed of.  Resources, because this is not a small thing that he's asking you and this area to pioneer in.  This is something that is not just a small 'well' for this area; it is a 'well' that is going to open up.  For even as Amos may not be considered to be among the major prophets, we want to declare today that he was a major prophet and the anointing that was upon him was a key prophetic anointing that even released other voices and trained them up and showed them the way to go.  The Holy Spirit said, 'This is what I am doing in this place at this time.'

And just as it is with Paul, so it will be with many others who are shepherds, and so it will be with many others who might say, 'All I'm doing is tending sycamore trees,' because God says he is going to raise up many with the spirit of Amos in this place, who will carry an anointing far beyond their history, far beyond what people would anticipate.

Their anointing will be one whereby they speak literally to nations and to cities and call them into their destiny and call them that they have days but not months in order to respond, for there is an urgency that God is sending upon this nation at this time.  We open up for that here today, Lord, and we release whatever it would mean.

I release the spirit of Amos upon Paul, and he is called out from among the shepherds to prophesy and declare the things he sees are coming that will bring judgement to that which would call itself Bethel, that belongs to a former season.  Thank you Father, for the same anointing that is coming upon churches in this region, and we declare Lord in this area, the first of many conferences, well-digging, well-drinking for the continent of Europe.

Don't say that the Brentwood Centre would be too large.  There is accommodation coming to this area.  Even to accommodate people there will be building of hotels, guest houses in this area, because God says, 'I am going to call them many times and they will come to this region, because they have to come in order that they can go.'  God says, 'Even building projects will come in order to accommodate what I am going to do in this region' and he says now it is not to do with where you've come from, neither a prophet or a prophet's son, but it's to do with the call and the anointing in this day.

For truly there are many who connect with old anointings but there will be many who rise up and say, 'I have no heritage but the call of God has come.'  God says, 'I've been speaking to many about the old 'wells' and calling again for the old inheritances' and God says, 'There is a time and a season but now I am going to call those who have no heritage.'  He says the season is now changing.  There are those who are now coming who have no 'well' to go back to but there is a 'well' that they can drink from that is open now.

So Father, we pray for the shepherds, the pastors, the elders of this region.  Thank you that there is an incredible pressure because you are pushing forward Lord God, and pushing them into a new place.  They can't go back anymore.  Thank you for that and we pray now for such a covering of the churches in this region.

A word given by Michael Schiffmann in 2002

(A word given to Paul Taylor in two parts)

I see a group of angels at the front of the building, pointing to heaven and to earth.  I believe their presence has something to do with a mandate or task given to the Church in 1962 which is as yet unfulfilled.  This is part of the inheritance of the Church but you have a choice whether or not to complete it.  (We later discovered that it was in 1962 that John Noble began his ministry.  He was subsequently called and drawn to this area by God; John founded the community to which we belong.)

I see an angel in the lobby area of the school building dressed like an Old Testament prophet in long, flowing garments.  I believe his presence there indicates that you have a mandate to be a leading place in our nation for equipping the prophetic.  Part of your ministry is prophetic restoration.  You are to be a father to young eagles.

Later at Paul's house Michael saw angels and bowls.  He saw significant prophetic anointing on many young people.  He saw an eagles’ nest, a prophetic school and a prophetic community.  He believed God would draw prophets here, and that God would open the heavens over this area.

A word given by Sue Mitchell in 2001

(A general word given to the community to which we belong)

You have a forerunner anointing here, so you’re always between seasons.  You have revelation before you have impartation.  In that gap there’s always a ‘melancholy’.  You sowed it, somebody else will reap it and God’s already talking to you about being the gatekeepers of the workplace!  You’re between the revelation and the impartation.  It’s a forerunner anointing.  It’s an absolute nightmare!

You have to follow the next call, otherwise the 20% won’t follow you and the 80% won’t follow them.  You were just beginning to eat the fruit of the present revelation (unity) and then you’re off again.  It’s a forerunner grace.  You’ve got to find the new gates and open them, otherwise the King of Glory won’t come into the next thing, and the next thing.  You know you’re on a journey and you want to be settlers but it’s not in your DNA.

More to follow . . .

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