About us


Christian Spectrum is the on-line public face of our community - a forerunner eschatological (End-Time) community - which exists to encourage God's people to carry eternity in their hearts and to get ready now for the soon return of Jesus.

Eschatological hope

We carry an eschatological hope centred in our eternal destiny (Ro 8:22-25 & Heb 11:13-16) and a belief that Jesus could return within the lifetime of people alive today.

Prepare for acceleration and persecution  

By prophetic revelation we believe the year 2022 will herald a major acceleration in the persecution of both Jews and Christians worldwide, and if God's people are to emerge triumphant, unscathed and standing firm to the end, during the darkest days they will ever experience (Mt 24:22), it's vital that they prepare now for the events that will unfold in the lead-up to his return.

Shared values

A number of shared values undergird our decisions and actions as a community including the need for biblical orthodoxy (Jude 3) and prophetic revelation (Jn 10:27 & Am 3:7).  For more see the Our Mandate page. 

The role of Israel

We reject so-called replacement theology (i.e. the belief that the Church has replaced Israel) and see a central role for Israel in God's End-Time purposes.  Our Statement of Faith underpins more of what we believe. 

We do not live in anything akin to ordinary times.  The unprecedented events taking place on earth today would suggest that we’re beginning to experience the 'birth pangs' spoken of by Jesus in Mt 24:8.  We believe we are nearing the end of the age and in the not too distant future the earth-shattering events mentioned in books like Daniel, Matthew and Revelation will begin to unfold, leading to the return of Jesus Christ . . . 

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