Church (General introduction)


In this series of articles we do three things:

1.   Firstly we briefly describe the flexible and organic Bride of Christ who carries eternity in her heart and awaits the soon return of her Bridegroom King - it's time for the Church to discover her true identity and destiny:

-    a living organism,

-    lovers of God

-    eschatological in nature,

-    prophetic in nature,

-    prayers and worshippers,

-    supernatural (spiritual manifestations being her normal experience),

-    aliens and strangers,

-    a subversive and counter-cultural movement,

-    salt and light in the public square,

-    contenders for the true faith.

The above characteristics (not to be seen as an exhaustive list) describe something of the flexible wine skin required by the new wine.  Since our main focus is to call the Church to prepare for the soon coming of Jesus we will limit our discussion of Church somewhat to cover this overarching aspect.  We're happy to provide other research papers however to those who are interested, including papers entitled:

The Church's Prophetic mandate 
The Church Meeting in houses and community living
Spiritual leadership
Spiritual gifts
Pioneers or settlers?
Identity precedes function
Relational unity
Kingdom message and proclamation
The Persecuted Church

2.   Secondly, we touch on the dangers associated with institutionalism.

3.   Thirdly, in the series of articles entitled 'The emerging Church/New Spirituality' we expose the growing deception associated with liberal paganism.


The Church is the Church by virtue of its continuous response to the living God and consists of those who are hearing and doing the will of God.  The Church cannot be defined by reference to buildings, creeds, structures, celebrity ministers or individual experiences . . .

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A step towards underground churches

22nd September 2016 9:39 AM

Bible believing Christians in any kind of church need to be thinking ahead.  How will we function authentically and passionately when our beliefs are actively being outlawed? . . .

A spectacular decline

4th July 2016 2:45 PM

The mainline churches in the UK are in a parlous condition. The former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, recently said that the Anglican Church was one generation away from extinction . . .

Woe is me - it's not all optimism

1st June 2016 2:09 PM

A little while ago I was reading one of those daily anthologies on the topic of the day.  The one I was reading was based on the Moffatt bible, a translation that appeared between the wars . . .

Let us pray

3rd December 2015 4:59 PM

Having second thoughts about airing an overtly Christian-themed advertisement today shows just how far our nation has strayed from her Judaeo-Christian roots . . .

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