Part 2: Transhumanism - what is it and what, or who, is behind it?

Introduction - complex issue

Transhumanism is a complex issue and so our aim in this series of articles is to keep the information straightforward and understandable.  Please bear in mind however that this subject will require some radical thinking outside of the box! 

In a video which can be found at (also referred to in Part 1: (General Introduction) the presenter – a keen advocate of Transhumanism – says this:

We are as Gods and might as well get good at it . . . We have decommissioned natural selection and now we must look deep within ourselves and decide what we wish to become.  We are now the chief agents of evolution.

His comments sum up the ideology and vision of Transhumanism.  It’s an international, intellectual, and fast-growing cultural movement; part science, part faith and part philosophy, with the central belief that the destiny of our species is now firmly in our own hands.  Transhumanists argue that we can forget the God of the Bible and take complete control of our own destinies.

Search for godhood and immortality

In essence, and this is why it’s of interest to us as Christians, it’s an illegitimate and demonically inspired search for godhood and immortality, outside of God’s provision in Christ. 

Its pagan philosophy sees the fundamental human problem not as that of sin, but as that of our frailty, our limitations and susceptibility to sickness, old age, and death.

Therefore it doesn’t seek to address the need for human redemption, by responding to the call of Jesus, who promises deliverance from sin through his blood, and immortality as a free gift of grace.  Rather, it’s through man’s own efforts - aided and abetted by a fallen demonic super power, called Lucifer (the light bearer), whom the Bible identifies as Satan.

Began in the Garden of Eden

It goes without saying that Transhumanism is not a modern phenomenon.  Indeed, it’s as old as time itself.  The rebellion that began in the Garden of Eden, has simply taken on new forms.  In Genesis 3 Satan promised Adam and Eve that by eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that they would become ‘like God.’  But having eaten the forbidden fruit, they were banished from the Garden, so they could not eat from the Tree of Life, and ‘live forever.’ 

Yet, although man was banished from the Garden, he has never given up hope in his search for godhood and immortality.  And Satan, down through the ages, has been all too ready to give man a helping hand.  Satan has, however, always had his own hidden agenda, which we will draw attention to as we go along. 

In essence, and this is why it’s of interest to us as Christians, it’s an illegitimate and demonically inspired search for godhood and immortality, outside of God’s provision in Christ 

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