Part 3: Transhumanism - claims and aims

Introduction - claims and aims

Transhumanist Evangelists, of whom there are many, are on a mission to evangelise the educational, political, military, scientific and religious world.  What they envisage is the coming age of Utopia, referred to by some as the Age of Aquarius, where disease and war will be eradicated, and mankind will become like God and live forever in Paradise.  They claim that man can elevate himself into this glorious Age via any one of three distinct, but interrelated, pathways:

i     firstly, through genetic manipulation, enhancement and modification

ii    secondly, through new and emerging sciences, often referred to as GRIN technologies (genetics, robotics, artificial intelligence and nanotechnology)

iii   thirdly through neo-pagan and occult pathways

Basically, by whichever means - or combination of means - is chosen, Transhumanism is fed by a three-fold lie:

i     you are inferior in your current form

ii    you can become a god without any need for moral change

iii   you can enjoy eternal life with no need to believe in anything but yourself and maybe science

Transhumanism in the Church

We must not ignore or underestimate the strength of this movement.  The search for this super-human god-like status has already taken root in parts of the Church.  Many leaders are perverting the Gospel and bringing in false teachings as prophesied by Jude (Jude 3-4).  An on-line search will reveal that there are Christian Transhumanist Associations springing up

The agenda is the same: it’s for mankind to go to the next level in the evolutionary process, to achieve god-like status and immortality, even if it means in some hybrid form!  This could be a combination of human and angelic, a combination of human and animal, or even a combination of human and machine.

For man to become all that he wants to become

Whereas these concepts remained (at least, for ordinary people) in the realm of fantasy until recently, that is no longer the case.  By means of genetic enhancement and manipulation, rapidly emerging and developing technologies such as artificial intelligence, Android robotics, nanotechnology, brain-computer interfacing, cybernetic integration, Neuroscience, Mind theory, and Neo-Paganism, it is now much more commonly believable that man can become today all he wants to become.

Not some Hollywood fantasy


This is far from being some kind of Hollywood fantasy, although it’s interesting and perhaps not surprising that many movies today encapsulate these ideas; for example: ‘Transcendence’, ‘Matrix’, ‘Splice’ and ‘Android’.  The recent TV series ‘Humans’ explores the same theme.

The entertainment business is often at the prophetic cutting edge, it seems.  To reiterate, Transhumanism is not some Hollywood fantasy, but the stated aim of some of the most brilliant scientific minds, law professors, educationalists, philosophers, politicians, the military, and Neo-Pagans (those involved in the so called new spirituality).


It is now much more commonly believable that man can become today all he wants to become

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