Transhumanism - the march of science and technology

Introduction - Eugenics

Transhumanism takes up where the US and German eugenics of the mid-1900s left off.  Like the Nazi and American programmes, Transhumanism embraces the notion that science and technology can improve human mental and physical characteristics and capabilities.

As an example, take the most recent Olympic Games.  Many athletes surprised the world by breaking records by large margins, and many serious scholars and scientists believe this was as a result of genetic technology. A Daily Mail headline read:

Genetically modified athletes: Forget drugs. There are even suggestions some Chinese athletes' genes are altered to make them stronger

To the non-discerning eye, it looks appealing and promises much.  But, as it was in the Garden of Eden, that which appears so enticing is actually very dangerous and has grievous, unmeasured consequences and supernatural implications for all of us.

The destiny of each individual, as well as the future of our families, will, we believe, depend on our having a knowledge of Transhumanism and a readiness to face it head on.  If we ignore it we could, under the influence of fallen angels, be seduced into committing what can only be called genetic and spiritual suicide.

Global Futures 2045

The ‘Global Futures 2045’ congress held in Moscow in 2012, brought together over 50 leading scientists from various disciplines, together with religious figures, including the Dali Lama.  They discussed the development of a strategy for transferring a human's individual consciousness to an artificial carrier (through cybernetic technology - the science of communications and automatic control systems in both machines and living things) within the next three decades.  An excerpt from this conference can be seen at

The united vision of the members of the conference is for man to achieve a state of godhood and immortality, where even if the body dies, the ‘consciousness’ is preserved in another tangible vessel, known as an Avatar or robot – a cobbled together creature that could be part human, part organic replacement parts, and part mechanical/electronic bits and pieces.


Prophesised by Daniel

For those of us new to these ideas, it may seem far-fetched, even delusional.  But the explosion and resurgence in occult knowledge and the quantum leaps we’re seeing today in science, technology, religion and philosophy, which drive these various initiatives, were prophesied long ago by the prophet Daniel:

But you, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book until the time of the end; many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase (Dan 12:4)

Here is a strong additional reason for asserting that we’re living at the time of the End.  Scientists predict that the pool of knowledge known by mankind today will soon be doubling on a daily basis!

The coming Technological singularity

On one hand, spiritual gurus, extreme liberal-edge Emergent Church leaders and New Age philosophers alike, seek to assimilate diverse strands of occult knowledge into one coherent whole.  Scientists, on the other hand, await what they call a ‘Technological Singularity.’  The result is the same, and they describe it thus:

i    a point in time when the pace of scientific and technological change will be so rapid, its impact so deep, that civilisation and human life will be irreversibly changed forever

ii   a point in time when genetic enhancements will redefine what it means to be human. Computers will be able to ‘think‘ for themselves and to ‘feel’ emotions.  Machines will have godlike intelligence and the ability to replicate themselves

iii  a point in time when humankind, as created by God, will no longer exist

The ‘singularity’ will be achieved when mankind builds a supercomputer or artificial intelligence or AI that is super-intelligent.  The term singularity describes that such an event can happen anytime, anywhere.

Vernor Vinge, in his article: ‘The Coming Technological Singularity,’ says:

Within 30 years, we will have the technological means to create superhuman intelligence. Shortly after, the human era will be ended

Ray Kurzweil, who is credited with ground-breaking work in artificial intelligence, has emerged as the major spokesman for the Transhumanist Movement.  He says:

The Singularity will allow us to transcend the limitations of our biological bodies and brains.  We will gain power over our fates.  Our mortality will be in our own hands.  We will be able to live as long as we want.

The siren call of the Singularity movement is the promise of immortality without the need for morality. ‘Time’ magazine, in a 2010 issue, declared the year 2045 as the day of the Singularity.

The scientist and theologian John McTernan, who wrote the book ‘As America has done to Israel,’ describes the Singularity as the merging of man’s biological thinking and existence with technology, to the point that there is no distinction between human and machine – in other words, the merging of the human body with mechanical technology and the creation of artificial intelligence.

In his book: ‘Singularity and The Image of the Beast,’ he says:

The entire move towards Singularity is an attack on the integrity of mankind.  The humanity of man is under attack as man is being transformed from flesh and blood into a mechanical being.  The promoters of Transhumanism justify this blurring as the advancement of evolution.

Started innocently enough

Like many ominous movements, the drive for artificial intelligence appeared to started innocently enough. Decades ago, newspaper articles began to tell the story of scientific experiments with hybrid crops that grew faster, and in harsher climates, resisted diseases better, and yielded more food per acre than previously thought possible.

Infertile couples were able to experience the miracle of life through artificial insemination and test-tube fertilisation.  The Human Genome Project was founded - international scientific research into human DNA, identifying and mapping all the genes of the human genome from both a physical and functional standpoint. Animals grew transplantable human organs.

The coming Utopia

The dreamers who kick-started the ideological and technological research began to imagine a coming utopia, in which they see nanotech machines swimming through our bodies to distribute medicine where it is needed, in order to destroy cancer cells.

They foresee a day when humans have the potential to operate new and unexpected abilities: to lift great weights, to increase their intelligence, to read minds and to live forever.  This utopian future will be dominated by a new species of unrecognisable superior humans, or more accurately post-humans.

Prof. Hugo de Garis, director of the Artificial Brain Lab at Xiamen University in China, has said:

The prospect of building godlike creatures fills me with a sense of religious awe that goes to the very depths of my soul and motivates me powerfully to continue, despite the possible horrible negative consequences.

In his book: Radical Evolution, Joel Garreau says:

The ability to tinker with our genes offers the astounding promise - and peril - of immortality, which mythically has been the defining difference between gods and mortals.  It also offers the possibility of an even greater variety of breeds of humans than there is of dogs.


There can be little doubt that scientists today, behind closed doors in laboratories around the world, are developing animal human hybrids which have enhanced intelligence, capabilities and strength.

So much so the UK based Academy of Medical Sciences admits that such science is advancing so quickly, that an international regulatory commission is urgently needed, to oversee the creation of mature human-animal hybrids, or what are known as chimeras.

Up until now there’s been very little public discussion around these procedures, yet thousands of different animals containing human material, have been used in medical research, over a long period of time.

In January 2016, The Times front-page news included the announcement that human organs for transplant are being grown inside sheep and pigs in the US, and that implanting sheep and pigs with human-animal chimera (single organisms composed of cells from different zygotes) embryos will be a legal procedure in Britain.  The goal is to find a way of harvesting organs that could save hundreds of lives every year, since there is a dire shortage in donations for human organ transplants.

Interestingly, The Times article remarks that British scientists would be interested in carrying out their own experiments with human-animal chimeras.  Bruce Whitelaw, professor of animal biotechnology at the University of Edinburgh’s Roslin Institute said:

It is scientifically fascinating and of potential commercial interest, and offers much for healthy, productive and social debate

The article also remarked that according to the 2011 report by the Academy of Medical Sciences (AMS), the majority of the public seem to be relaxed about combining human and animal material in medical research.

At present, the academy has warned that any experiments introducing human brain cells into mammals has to be off-limits in case the resulting chimeras start acting like people.  But the Transhumanist agenda has a much higher goal.  Another article in the same edition of The Times headlined:

Human-animal chimeras pose grave questions about the future identity of mankind. All the more reason to press on with the science

Despite the caveat in The Times article, within the last few months, the AMS has produced a report 'Animals Containing Human Material' (known in short as ACHM) dealing with researchthat involves the introduction of human DNA sequence into animals, and the mixing of human and animal cells or tissues, to create new entities.

Funded by the military

Some of this work is funded by the military.  Like Hitler and his occult breed before them, they too seek the creation of the perfect warrior - a super-soldier who is stronger physically, more intelligent, can stay awake longer, and is uninhibited in his lust for killing.


At the same time, Godlike, massively intelligent machines, that are trillions of trillions of times smarter than humans known as ‘artilects’ are also envisaged, that will be built in support of the Posthumanism agenda.

Prof. Hugo de Garis says:

I believe that the 21st century will be dominated by the question as to whether humanity should or should not build artilects . . . I see humanity splitting into two major political groups, which in time will become increasingly bitterly opposed as the artilect issue becomes more real.


Behind the scientists however stand the bankers, politicians and the military ready to throw vast sums of money at this work without stopping to consider the ethical implications of what is taking place.

Satan’s agenda

The transhumanist agenda is frightening and even repulsive, to most people.  As Christians, we know that our battle is not against flesh and blood, and we can be sure that the power operating behind the scenes to integrate human-animal-machine interfaces, in order to re-engineer humanity, is not new.

It’s important therefore to discover Satan’s strategy in all of this in order to expose it for what it is, and to work against it. 

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