Gender fluidity

The Bible tells us that in the beginning God created male and female. However, anyone who maintains that there are men and there are women, and that the difference between them is fundamental, is likely to be called a bigot and a ‘binary’ – a newly-coined insult on a par with ‘racist’, ‘sexist’ or ‘homophobic’.

In our postmodern world, where there are no absolutes and all distinctions are being blurred, perhaps we shouldn’t be shocked that in Western culture gender fluidity is not only the fashion of some, but is in the process of becoming an enforceable orthodoxy. 

Maria Miller MP, the chairwoman of the Commons Women and Equalities Select Committee, asserts that there’s no need for gender categories on passports, drivers’ licences or other official forms because gender is irrelevant.  Already, within the last ten years or so, laws have been passed which insist we pander to transgender equality, and public money is being fuelled into training the police, education and the NHS, etc in transgender issues.

Dr Peter Jones, author of ‘The God of Sex’ says this:

When normal male-female sex stops being the yardstick, and when sex is separated from its essence – its created function for marriage and childbirth – the only standard left is the free-floating desires of each individual.  And postmodern sex is exactly that – the expression of various forms of gratification and fantasy but with a horrendous loss of identity . . . Such desires become the democratic right of the individual.  We must accommodate more and more sexual eccentricities.

The 1960s were the era when women were calling for gender equality.  One generation on, such equality must be extended to every permutation of sexual identity.   Dr Jones clearly explains how the rejection of the God of the Bible and Judaeo-Christian values in the West over the same period of time, has inevitably resulted in a celebration of every form of sexuality, since spirituality and sexuality are closely linked.  Whilst the Bible makes a clear distinction between the creator, God, and man, his creation, which is reflected in heterosexual relationships, the new spirituality which is pagan in origin, sees everything and everyone as part of the same essence.  Blurring the distinction between creator and created, results in sexual behaviour which equally blurs gender distinctions.

We thoroughly recommend Dr Jones’ books, ‘One or Two’ and ‘The God of Sex’ for a clear exposition and understanding of human sexuality in both a Godly and an ungodly framework.

To understand what is happening right now in UK society, we would direct you to a brilliant article by Melanie Phillips (The Times columnist) at  Ms Phillips has the ability to articulate the issues clearly and succinctly, pointing out the pitfalls our society is fast falling into, in an effort to be forward-looking, postmodern and politically correct.  As she mentions, many transgender people commit suicide as a result of deep psychological problems which go deeper than simply the conflict over gender, so a tolerant society based on dubious ‘British Values’ is unlikely to be the panacea desired by those who promote gender fluidity. 

Nevertheless, the up-coming generation of children will almost certainly be taught that gender is mutable, and any differentiation in value between behaviour or attitudes is bigoted and prohibited.  In this way, children are intentionally being indoctrinated to have no sense of what sex they are and they will have no notion of gender norms.  If that seems far-fetched, think again.  It’s already happening in Brighton College.

So look out!  Before long it will be a hate crime to say that a person belongs to the sex they deny.  Gender confusion is fast becoming not a health issue, but a political statement that must be enforced.  Oppression will be levelled against Christian ‘binaries’ and we need to be ready with our response.

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