Part 1: Transhumanism (General Introduction)


Back in 1896, H G Wells wrote the novel ‘The Island of Dr Moreau’.  One character was the ‘Ape-Man’ – a hybrid who laced his inane jabber with ‘big thinks’.  As a result he gave garbled renditions of things he had heard but not understood.  Today, 120 years later, we discover that scientists in the US have begun implanting pigs and sheep with chimeras (single organisms composed of cells from different zygotes) embryos mixed with human stem cells.

The Times article

This is front page news in The Times (11 January 2016) and certainly something we need to be aware of and deeply concerned about.  Already, the UK has sanctioned so-called ‘three parent families’ by mixing genetic material from the eggs of two women.  Prime Minister David Cameron announced he was proud that UK scientists are pioneering this new technology, even though the very real doubts concerning its long-term consequences caused every other nation to veto it.

In the name of science and progress, and because there is a possibility that livestock could grow organs which could assist in the world’s dire transplant shortage, there is no doubt that one way or the other, the research will continue.

But, as the writer of the Times article remarked, human-animal chimeras now growing in the wombs of livestock are even closer to the frontier of what is technically and morally feasible.  What are we to make of the small fraction of these creatures that will be human?  Is the confusion of the natural order a price worth paying?

We are Gods . . .

In reality, the news this week merely confirms the belief amongst many that the destiny of our species (humans) is in our own hands.  The God of the Bible is irrelevant, they say, and we can take complete control of our own destinies.  A comment in a video at sums it up:

We are as Gods and might as well get good at it . . . We have decommissioned natural selection and now we must look deep within ourselves and decide what we wish to become.  We are now the chief agents of evolution


This comment expresses the heart of a cultural movement known as Transhumanism.  It’s international, intellectual, fast-growing and cultural.  It incorporates science, faith and philosophy, and is a demonically-inspired search for godhood and immortality outside of God’s provision in Christ.  The provision of organs for transplant is merely a step on the journey to this goal.

The shocking devaluing of any moral concerns in deference to the march of science and man’s determination to discover what he is capable of should alert us to the godless agenda behind the current research, and the unknown consequences for us all.  Make no mistake, even if the work is legally halted, the research will continue.  Indeed, science is far more advanced behind closed doors than we know.

In the days of Noah

What is happening today isn’t the first time human seed has been corrupted.  In the days of Noah, we’re told:

The Nephilim were on the earth in those days – and also afterward – when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them (Genesis 6: 4)

Fallen angels had intercourse with human women, producing giant offspring known as Nephilim.  These were hybrid entities under Satan’s control.  This is the first recorded practice of genetic manipulation and modification, which is rearing its head again.

Tom and Nita Horn remark in their book, ‘Forbidden Gates’ that ‘the modern-day scientists are well-paid cogs ensconced in prestigious, well-funded research organisations backed by multinational corporations, governments and banks.  Some have overtly evil intent, but most have rarely stopped to consider the implications of their work.  They are convinced that the world’s survival hinges on their work and that, somehow, everything will work out ok.’

Search for immortality and godhood

So the moral considerations are secondary to man’s desire to push the boundaries of technology and science.  Godless and amoral, science is the means of attempting to achieve godhood and immortality outside of God, and the experiments we’re now aware of are but a step in that process.  Manipulating and mixing human and animal genes may be corrupting God’s order, and who knows how many Frankenstein-type monsters will be produced, but man is determined to overcome his mortality.

Jesus warned us in Matthew 24:37 that it will be as it was in the days of Noah, in the days before the Lord comes again.  If for no other reason, we should stay alert and informed regarding these scientific advances, for they are another sign that the return of Jesus is drawing close.

Transhumanism is a complex subject.  Our pages on aspects of transhumanism are designed to unpack some of the main elements and implications.

The moral considerations are secondary to man’s desire to push the boundaries of technology and science.  Godless and amoral, science is the means of attempting to achieve immortality outside of God, and the experiments we’re now aware of are but a step in that process

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