Understanding the Times -  seminar at Pilgrims Hall on Saturday 22 October 2016.

Christian Spectrum was invited to host a day seminar entitled 'Time to Decide - Exploring Eschatological Communities' in October.  The day addressed the urgent need to develop eschatological communities in order to not only survive the dark days ahead of Jesus' return, but to thrive. Waiting until those days are upon us is folly, since cataclysmic events may well overtake us.

But what does an eschatological community look like?  Members of the Christian Spectrum team shared throughout the day, illustrating some of the hallmarks of such communities, whilst stressing that there is no blueprint or model - each will be unique, depending on the situation, the demographics and the people involved.  We examined the importance of inter-generational partnership, and the need for discerning the leading of the Holy Spirit - for example, through dreams and visions, and how these can warn, encourage and provide direction.

God is never static; he is doing a new thing.  As Isaiah 43:19 says: 'Behold I am doing a new thing - do you not perceive it?'  All those with a forerunner spirit are called to break into the new thing, thus laying the tracks for the rest of the church to follow.  It's for the sake of the wider church that we have to follow the Holy Spirit wherever he may lead, and where we have never been before, so the 'time to decide' is not only a personal issue; it has much greater implications.

We heard how two fledgling eschatological communities are developing, one in the south, one in the north, and some of the practical challenges and blessings they've encountered on their journey to date.  Perhaps most importantly, we were challenged to acknowledge that much of the church is not considering these issues and is woefully unprepared,  By addressing the issues and embracing radical change in the way we think about and 'do' church, we pray many others will hear the Holy Spirit's call to develop the kind of community which will enable the Bride to be ready and triumphant when her Bridegroom returns. 

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Getting rid of God

9th December 2016 11:01 AM

. . . until Jesus is crowned King of Kings and all knees bow to him, Satan will continue to pursue his interests in this world . . .

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