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Jesus scorned the Pharisees and Sadducees who he said could interpret the appearance of the sky, but were not able to read the signs of the times (Mt 16:1-4) and so we research, monitor and comment on a number of local, national and global phenomena, events and trends, which we believe reflect the changing climate in our world today in the lead up to the return of Jesus, and are vitally important in understanding the times in which we live.

We will never truly understand the times without supernatural leading and the Men of Issachar gift (1Ch 12:32) and so we seek to interpret these events with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and in tandem with other prophets and organisations engaged in similar ministry.

Please bear in mind that research is always a snapshot at a point in time and will continually need updating. However, we hope our research proves helpful.  We also hope these pages provide some understanding of why we hold the convictions we do concerning our eschatological perspective.  We haven't always identified sources of information, nor have we sought to qualify every assertion made since we are tending to write from a prophetic perspective, not an academic one.


New World OrderHere we decribe the New World Order which will ultimately incorporate the One World Government and Religion led by the Antichrist and could be said to be the overarching emerging development (or umbrella) under which all the other trends sit.


The Church - Here we describe the flexible and organic Bride of Christ whilst exposing the dangers and deceptions associated with liberal paganism and rigid institutionalism.


Education - Here we describe one of the most powerful forms of idolatry in our culture today and the tool the enemy is using to promote an ungodly worldview.  We encourage Christians to explore alternative means of educating their children.   


End-Times - Here we stress the importance of the eschatological dimension to our faith which has largely has been either forgotten or deliberately ignored by the Church.


TranshumanismHere we expose the dangers and deceptions of man's growing search for godhood and immortality outside of God's provision in Christ.  


IsraelHere we look at the unique and strategic part the nation of Israel plays in the purposes of God and how Jerusalem becomes the epicentre for global events at the end of the age. 


Financial StormHere we describe the growing financial storm which will be used by Satan to establish his global domination when Christians will be unable to trade without the 'mark of the Beast'.


 Pro-Life Here we look at the practice of infanticide at strategic points in history, recognising that the mushrooming abortion issue is unfolding as the Last Days draw to a close. 



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Illiberal liberals

23rd June 2017 6:28 PM

Perhaps the announcement by Tim Farron this week, that he realises his Christian faith is incompatible with the postmodern ideaology of the West is an indication of the illiberal attitude of modern society to anyone claiming to live a genuine and committed Christian life . . .

Revelation on Revelation

20th February 2017 3:52 PM

The book of Revelation has specific revelation for the end-time church, and a blessing is in store for all those who read it . . .

If Trump blesses Israel, he will be blessed

24th January 2017 3:25 PM

Only a few days after he was inaugurated, President Donald Trump’s pledge to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem was on the media agenda following a 30 minute call between President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. 

Israel in the news

3rd January 2017 11:55 AM

The United Nations Security Council’s recent adoption of Resolution 2334, which condemns Israeli settlements in the West Bank, has brought to our collective attention yet again the unique role assigned to Israel in world affairs . . . 

Post-referendum chaos

12th December 2016 11:06 AM

Perhaps most significantly, the reaction to the Brexit vote has exposed how undemocratic Britain is – a nation which prides itself on its democracy . . .

Getting rid of God

9th December 2016 11:01 AM

. . . until Jesus is crowned King of Kings and all knees bow to him, Satan will continue to pursue his interests in this world . . .

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