5. Call our nation back to her Christian heritage

Fifthly, we're mandated to call our nation back to her Christian heritage.  This once great and proud nation that has given so much of value to the rest of the world, was founded on Judaeo-Christian principles and values.  Few would disagree that for over fifteen hundred years Christianity was by far the biggest single influence on our culture, institutions, law, education and society.

This Godly foundation served to make us a compassionate, tolerant and law-abiding nation; it brought peace, justice, freedom and posterity; it drew the admiration and respect of other nations and we had a great influence in the world.  We were noted for being an orderly society, known for fair play, family values, civil rights, liberty, civility, industry and ingenuity.  Our national institutions were the envy of the world.  We knew what we stood for and were clear in our national identity.

But today Great Britain can only be described as a 'prodigal son,' a prodigal nation.  For the past half century or more, dark forces of secularism and paganism within the ruling elite, the law makers and educationalists, have seen to it that our nation has increasingly and systematically turned its back on God.  It has jettisoned values that have served us well, in favour of ungodly secular, liberal, leftist, pagan and humanistic ideas.

Christians today are increasingly marginalised and excluded from the public square.  Our future king is likely to be more disposed towards paganism than Christianity.  Britain today has become not just post-Christian, but anti-Christian.  The State demands our allegiance.  Historic freedoms, including the right of free speech and freedom of conscience and religion, are being lost on the altar of moral relativism and political correctness.

We are being taught in our schools and academic institutions to be ashamed of British political history, resulting in a loss of national identity.  More and more of the sovereignty and freedom we have fought for over the centuries, is being yielded to faceless elite bureaucrats in Brussels and New York.  We are rushing headlong to embrace the emerging New World Order, in the hope that it will give us something better - a  Utopian Dream as some describe it.  Unfortunately, it will never become more than a dystopian nightmare.  This is a sad and tragic state of affairs.

So what is our response?  Do we simply shrug it off as an inevitable part of modern life, as some Christians do?  Do we simply make the best of a bad job, keep our heads below the parapet, retreating from the public square and washing our hands of all blame and responsibility, again as some are doing?  Or do we simply yield to despair and say: 'It's too late, what can one person do against such overwhelming odds?'  Is it even possible for a nation that has changed so dramatically in sixty years or so, to turn again and to be reborn? 

Here at Christian Spectrum we say that it is.  At least we have a choice.  We can sit back and do nothing or roll up our sleeves and give it a go.  Britain can be turned again.  What may appear impossible to man, is possible with God.  All it takes for evil to flouish is for good men to do nothing, but when good men rise up with resolve and in common cause, much can be achieved.  Just imagine for a moment Britain once again upholding Judaeo-Christian values and flying the flag for Christianity in the world!

Britain has stood alone before, she could do so again.  Not this time against the tyrannies of Nazi Germany, but against the evil demonic tide that is sweeping the world into the pit of hell.  In any event, God has mandated us here at Christian Spectrum to call our nation back to her Christian heritage, and so we are ready to give it a go.  

We are resolved, however great the battle and whatever the odds against us, never to give up the fight to halt this slide into oblivian and once again see our nation embracing Judaeo-Christian values.  We believe that this is the only hope for our nation.  It is never too late to change.

Whilst we cannot guarantee victory and we know that there will be a price to be paid, we believe it's a war worth fighting.  For in the process of engagement, the sovereignty and Lordship of Jesus Christ will be declared and heard, both by the powers in heavenly places and by all forms of government and power here on earth.  Jesus Christ is Lord and since the function of any government is only to administer justice on behalf of God (1 Peter 2:13-14) we know this is a battle we do not fight alone.

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