Propaganda around Planned Parenthood

The work of Planned Parenthood (PP) featured in a previous blog, is dedicated to aborting babies – yet it is inexplicably called ‘women’s healthcare’.  As Peter Jones (truthXchange) aptly remarks: ‘the machine of defensive half-truths and untruth kicks into gear, with the astute use of moral-sounding language’.  Thus the inconvenient truth of the real agenda is hidden behind a façade of hypocrisy, deliberate obfuscation and outright deceit.

PP has cleverly used language to make evil appear good.  Language can carefully disguise the horror of what they are really about.  The PP national president, Cecile Richards, for example, apologised for the ‘tone’ of her employee’s statements in one of the leaked videos, which she said did not reflect PP’s ‘compassion’.  How an organisation that dismembers and kills millions of unborn babies can be compassionate beggars belief.

Richards also uses the term ‘tissue’ to describe baby body parts (including heads, hearts, arms, legs, livers and lungs) that are ‘donated’ for research.  So in PP’s world, dead babies and their body parts are called ‘tissue’ or ‘donations’, lists of babies’ body parts and organs available for purchase are called ‘menus’ and severed baby heads are called ‘calvariums’.

In order to conceal their controversial work, PP has used euphemisms to describe their practices.  They call their activities ‘health care’ or ‘reproductive health services’ or even women’s rights that governments must fund.  Another branch of their worldwide work, worthy of a blog in its own right, is what they call ‘comprehensive sexuality education’.  In reality, it’s a graphic and dangerous programme being introduced into schools across the globe, encouraging sexual pleasure and experimentation right down to the youngest children.

Those driven by the deceit, like Hilary Clinton, jump on the bandwagon.  In return for her support of PP, she is dependent on them to boost her presidential ambition.   She accuses those who wish to end the harvesting and sale of baby parts of leading a ‘full-on assault on women’s health’.  She represents PP as ‘quality, affordable, healthcare for women’.  In reality, the quality is dubious; it’s affordable only because taxes support the massive killing machine to the tune of half a billion dollars annually; and ‘healthcare for women’, though it may include a number of gynaecological tests and services, essentially involves the murder of 330,000 babies each year.

Peter Jones also remarks that the easy term ‘Free Sex’ from the Sixties, created this abortion industry, but nothing is free!  The price has been heavy, with 53 million aborted babies since 1973 – all for sexual freedom, the normalisation of cruelty and the loss of cultural virtue.

While the extreme abortion policy would be illegal in 93% of the world, it’s the courageous journalists and anyone else who dares to question the legitimacy or morality of PP who are referred to as ‘monsters’ or ‘extremists’.  Worse, Obama gives PP not only his, but also God’s blessing, and mainline liberal Christian denominations declare: ‘People who work for PP are doing God’s work.  For this we are grateful.’

The truth is shocking – and diametrically opposed to the propaganda surrounding PP.  As we remarked in a previous blog, the scale of the baby-killing operation is a sign to us that the End of the Age is upon us.  Paul warned the Thessalonians (2 Thessalonians 2:10-11) that lawlessness will increase, and every sort of evil will be released.  The vast majority of people will come under the powerful delusion that lawlessness is benevolent, when in fact it is working in accordance with the work of Satan.  So let’s be discerning and wise, hating what God hates and holding fast to the Truth which alone sets us free.

Some of the information for this article came from the article ‘Monster Lies about Babies’ Lives’ produced by Dr Peter Jones at


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