The meaning of money

Young children love to pretend to go shopping!  A cash register with plastic coins to put in the tray was a favourite toy when my own children were young.  Today’s nurseries, however, alongside cash registers have pretend card readers for our youngsters to play with. 

It shouldn’t surprise us therefore that Tim Cook, executive of Apple, has recently made the prediction that the next generation will not know what money is.  This is part of Apple’s promotion of the new Apple Pay scheme, which will make card readers seem dated and obsolete.

Technology is running apace and it may be that our children grow up in a world where only digital money is in use.  However, as Graham Bridger (Illusion2Reality) points out, the sad truth is that virtually no-one knows what money is now!  We don’t understand the difference between money, currency and wealth.  This is because we have lived under a money system that is based on, and can only continue to function under, ever increasing levels of debt, and this affects the whole world.

A cashless society, such as the one Tim Cook predicts, means that everyone’s actions and spending patterns can be tracked and monitored.  When all our money is in ‘cyber space’ in digital form, it will be subject to the whims of the banking cartels and, of course, Governments.  The situation we read of in Revelation 13:6-17 and 2 Thessalonians 2:1-4 seems a very likely scenario – a time when no one will be able to trade at all without the sanction of an anti-Christ figure who will set himself up as God and will gain the worship and obedience of all nations. 

The surge of technology enabling us to contemplate the reality of a cashless society should be a sober reminder to us that the end of the age is drawing ever closer.  Most technology is of benefit to society when used sensibly, but there is always the danger of misuse and abuse when it gets into the wrong hands.  The scriptures warn us that such a day will surely come, so we need to be alert.

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There is even the possibility of an implant under the skin that could be used for money transactions in the same way that this system is used in a company in the USA for employees clocking in and out.

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