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Over the last few years I’ve become fan of the Marvel series of movies that have been coming out in a steady stream for the past 15 years.  I think it must have started for me with the first X-Men film, and then I’ve watched almost every superhero movie made.

However, it wasn’t until I watched Dr Who on Netflix that the penny started to drop as to what was going on in popular media.  When the BBC decided to start making Dr Who again,  I was able to watch most of the first series of the new batch on TV. However, the subsequent seasons I missed on TV and so I watched them all via Netflix.  What I couldn’t have noticed by watching them once a week, which I was able to notice when watching them all very quickly, was the messages coming through in them.  Normally, these messages would be ‘drip-fed’ almost subconsciously, but because I sat down and watch a few episodes every day, the subtle messages became clear.

The messages that I saw behind Dr Who are these:

Anything we regard as spiritual can be explained away as aliens, or superior technology which we haven’t understood yet

The concepts ultimate of good and evil are just perspectives (there are no absolutes)

Aliens are common place in the galaxy, we just haven’t found them yet

Or worse, they are among us in disguise (or with government coverup)!

The human spirit is the most powerful thing we have and will prevail against anything that might come against us

With enough time, and technology we can ‘evolve’ to overcome anything

I hope that I’ve been clear enough for you to see just how much Dr Who undermines general religions belief and how much it supports the idea of science and evolution.  The effects of this are that there is now a whole generation of children softened to the idea that aliens might exist.  This isn’t helped by the fact the generation above them have had Star Trek in their background!  For about a year I’ve been a relief schools caretaker, which means I’ve visited many schools in my borough.  I’ve been alarmed at how many junior schools have done ‘creative writing’ projects around the theme of aliens, and even more alarmed to hear young school children talk about aliens in a manner that displays their possible existence!

Moving back to my starting comments regarding the Marvel films, this is where things get more interesting!  Starting with the X-Men series, and subsequent spin-offs; these movies only work if we take an evolutionist view point on life.  So we see immediately the support for a belief system that undermines Biblical thinking.  Further to that, these movies are huge in popular culture and form the spring-board for every other Marvel film: Iron Man, Thor, Spider Man, Captain America, The Avengers, The Incredible Hulk.

All these movies have three things in common:

super human powers – either through

scientific exploration



Alien enhancement

The existence of aliens

An evil that is beyond our normal ability to overcome, which we need superheroes to save us from

The movies set up in our thinking a plausible scenario in which the human race is forced to look for a saviour.  And that saviour comes through one, or a combination of, the two points listed above.

Have you seen the film Avengers: Age of Ultron?  In this film the bad guy is created artificially through the use of a supercomputer and an alien artefact.  However, something goes wrong, and the created being has incredible strength and powers but is amoral which leads him to evil actions.  The story line sets Ultron up to be a miss-made, misguided,  person who we should have some sympathy for, but chooses evil via a logical method of thinking.  He’s what I would call a ‘soft’ Satan figure.  He’s not inherently evil, but chooses to do evil because of his unchosen creation and misguided philosophy on life.  The film also tries to generate a degree of sympathy for him!  A lot of his script is mis-quoted bible references or references to Bible stories made in a derogatory manner.  What I found strange about this, is when I asked other Christians about his script, they didn’t notice all the little half bible quotes he said!

The hero of the film is yet another artificially created being who is more powerful than all our regular heroes put together!  When asked whose side is he on his reply is, ‘no one’s side’.  Who in the bible was asked that question and made that reply?  The commander of the Lords armies in Joshua!  This newly created character in the film assumes a moral position above everyone else, and has the physical power to take that position.  He even has sympathy for Ultron and regards him as a kind of ‘lost child’.  So now we have two leading characters in the movie who represent a Satan like figure and a Jesus like figure, while at the same time managing to undermine the traditional and true beliefs of who they are.  Once again, a sci-fi and superhero movie has managed to undermine the bible and Christian beliefs, soften people’s minds to the concepts of any moral absolutes, and reinforce the notion of aliens and superpowers.

The popularity of these movies owes itself to the science fiction genre, which until the last 20 years has been on the fringes of society.  Star Trek and Star Wars made significant leaps in bringing sci-fi into wider acceptance, but what has really done it is the movies supported by an overwhelming number of TV series spin-offs, and other TV shows supporting the sci-fi genre.

These movies are very popular with children as well as their parents who fail to see how they undermine religious and Christian teachings.  These movies and TV shows are softening peoples thinking to believing that these things could be possible.  Just look at what the X Files TV show did for almost a whole generation of people!  That show exploded the concept of aliens, conspiracy theories, and the supernatural, into people’s belief systems!  Speaking with a work colleague recently, he agreed with me that the X-Files show has done more than any other show to bring into the general public the ideas of aliens and conspiracy theories.

I recently watched the trailer to the new X-Men film.  It’s quite disturbing, and I’m sure you’d agree.  You can view it here  These films are working hard at undermining not just Biblical figures, but any religious figure.  And their basis for doing so is all under the theory of evolution, science and aliens.  In a subtle, but strangely obvious, way they are reinforcing the belief of evolution while completely undermining any notion of spirituality and religion.  And all this under our very noses and with our acceptance!

Where is all this leading to?  Film and TV producers have been very clever in hiding a message in plain sight.  It would seem to me that there is only one aim to softening people’s minds to these things:  The unveiling of these things in the real world!

The Western world, and most of the rest of the world, are now more than ready to receive the notion that a genuine alien could land on earth and make itself known.  Many people believe that some governments are already in contact with aliens and even have them hidden away in secret locations.  If they are to be revealed, it will come as no surprise and no shock to many!  I believe that this is one such possible scenario for the unveiling of the anti-Christ.  Or perhaps we welcome with open arms the return of the Nephilim/aliens and then will cry out for a saviour, who will be the anti-Christ?  These are just two possible ideas, but I do believe the media is being used to soften the hearts and minds of people to deceit and harden their hearts and minds to the truth of the Bible. 


I have really enjoyed reading this blog, though'enjoy' is not really an appropriate word - It is good to see these issues beginning to be discussed.
The implications of these very powerful and seducing trends are alarming.

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