What about the Referendum?

Over the coming three months I am confident that we will hear much about the pro’s and con’s of remaining as part of the EU.  Undoubtedly, this is the biggest decision UK voters have faced for many years.  So, as we listen to the many arguments put forward by politicians and economists, what are we to base our decision upon – the economy, financial stability, sovereignty, benefits, the environments, etc?  I want to suggest that we need to think outside of the box, so that we are not governed in our decision-making solely by natural reasoning, but rather by God’s plans and purposes in these critical days in which we are living.

For example, as we inevitably head towards a global financial meltdown where no country’s finances will be secure, where do we want the UK to stand in the light of the Antichrist’s inevitable rise to power and the likelihood of Europe beig a major anti-Christian power base?  Also, with a rapid increase in anti-Semitism across mainland Europe in particular, how will the UK be best positioned to help marginalised and persecuted Jewish people in the years to come?

My guess is we will not hear such issues being put forward in the coming weeks and months, but for us, as Christian believers, I would suggest that taking time to seek God and to understand something of God’s bigger agenda is vital before we make our decision in the ballot box.


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