Getting rid of God

The scriptures tell us plainly that in the Last Days godlessness will abound.  People will live with their own individual moral code, there will be no absolutes, and those who will bow the knee only to the Creator God will be persecuted.  It’s Satan’s last-ditch attempt to remove all vestiges of God-consciousness from the earth and thus prevent his own inevitable downfall as God’s judgement falls on him.

Whilst merely a generation ago, such events must have seemed confined to the realm of fiction or fantasy, we are nevertheless living today in the UK in a world where Godly principles are being actively outlawed.  Not content to maintain mutual respect while disagreeing, those who make a stand for biblical values are likely to find themselves marginalised or ostracised.

Take the example of Richard Page.  This Christian magistrate was dismissed for expressing the belief that children ideally need a mum and a dad.  He was told he needed to undergo a course in order to retrain his thinking on the matter, before being allowed to return to the bench.  We wrote a blog about this some time ago.  In the last week or two, he has now been blocked from returning to his role as an NHS non-executive director.  His biblical stance is unacceptable in our secular humanistic society.

Mr Page is challenging the Justice Secretary and the Health Secretary over this issue, and needs our prayers and support.  Our prayers must be for him, naturally, but also for God’s Kingdom to come and for his will to be done on earth as it is in heaven – for until Jesus is crowned King of Kings and all knees bow to him, Satan will continue to pursue his interests in this world to the detriment of all true God-fearers and disciples of Jesus.


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Getting rid of God

9th December 2016 11:01 AM

. . . until Jesus is crowned King of Kings and all knees bow to him, Satan will continue to pursue his interests in this world . . .

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