Post-referendum chaos

The Christian community was divided over the referendum vote back in June.  Some strongly felt that being part of Europe is the only way to influence or have a say in global politics.  We’re part of Europe anyway, and to cut ourselves off is bound to bring isolation.  The migration crisis in the Middle East and Eastern Europe highlighted the need for Britain to be welcoming and accommodating of the ‘aliens and strangers’, the poor and the needy, in line with Jesus’ teaching.

Other Christians felt equally strongly that the referendum was our chance to take hold of national sovereignty and to establish ourselves once again with a distinct set of national values which are not subsumed into those of Europe as a whole.  They view the European Union as a political force which, along with other international alliances, will soon join forces and create the One World Government which the scriptures tell us will come into being prior to Jesus’ return.  A step out of Europe, therefore, could only be a good thing.

Those of us in Christian Spectrum have prayerfully felt that Brexit was the best outcome of the vote, and enables us to view the End Times, of which we’re a part right now, with more clarity and insight.

The Brexit vote has, however, caused a furore, second only to that raised by President-Elect Trump’s rise to power.  Perhaps most significantly, the reaction to the Brexit vote has exposed how undemocratic Britain is – a nation which prides itself on its democracy, and goes to war to insist that other nations rule democratically too.

Shortly after the vote, I read an article in which those who voted Remain were encouraged to support triggering Article 50, in the name of democracy.  After all, if we had a truly democratic vote, the voice of the majority of the people must now be respected and democracy must rule.  It’s an aspect of democracy that not everyone gets what everyone wants!

In truth, the movers and shakers in post-Brexit Britain are endeavouring to robe us of our democratic right – thus exposing how little democracy actually exists.  Clearly our government was divided over the Referendum vote, and even now, months later, triggering Article 50 is not a decision they agree over. 

Members of our government represent only a small fraction of those who are attacking democracy in Britain.  The media spins its stories, hand in glove with those who stand to gain the most from the decisions that will be made.   The opposition parties add their voices to the debate.  But more worryingly, it’s not the people we see featured in news articles and documentaries who are most vehemently opposed to democratic Britain.  It’s the oligarchs, the financial elite, the handful of incredibly rich and powerful people who, behind the scenes, are observing the situation as they would a game of chess, and are doing all they can to move the pieces around, for their own ends.  Democracy has no part in their schemes and plans.

This somewhat chaotic situation shouldn’t surprise us.  Indeed, much more chaos will ensue in the days before Jesus returns – an event which is drawing closer as the world, with its unions, alliances and treaties is catapulting towards universal godlessness (the One World Religion) and political universal sovereignty (the New World Order and One World Government) under the control of the same oligarchs and elite who are seeking to wield their power right now.    


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